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211 Transporter T6.1

Rubber Floor Mats

• With the Volkswagen Genuine Rubber footmats your vehicle interior is protected against dirt and moisture.  
• They are designed to fit perfectly, are easy to clean and have a non-slip underside.                            

211 Transporter T6.1

Tow Bar

• Expand your transport capabilities of your vehicle with the new original Volkswagen towing hitch. 
• The rigid towing hitch is mounted once and serves as a permanent companion for transporting large and bulky objects. 
• If towing a caravan, trailer or towing hitch bracket, you are equipped for all situations. 

211 Transporter T6.1

Rain and Draught Deflectors 

• The Volkswagen Draught & Rain deflectors for the doors enable optimal ventilation of the vehicle interior, thus contributing to your driving comfort.  
• They improve the atmosphere inside the vehicle and enable you to enjoy circulating fresh air even when it is raining.

211 Transporter T6.1

Stainless Steel Look Bumper Protector

- Volkswagen Genuine loading sill protection 

- Look: stainless steel, brushed 

- Made to measure 

- Bumper protector 

- Enhances the loading sill 

- Protects against scratches 

-Tailgate models only

211 Transporter T6.1

Next Base Front Dash Cam

• Unique Product wired  into the vehicle Electrics 
•  If the vehicle is hit while parked the camera will power up and record, no messy wires. 
• Uses a 32GB SD Card and back up batteries. 
• Positioned behind the interior mirror 
• Wi-Fi enabled – Live streaming 
• 10% Axa Insurance discount. (T+C) 
• Date stamp and vehicle speed. 

211 Transporter T6.1

Weatherproof Tailored Seat Covers

• Weather Proof Seat Covers 
• Easy clean, commercial quality seat covers help protect the driver & passenger seats against dirt wear and damage. 
•Washable, fire retardant and weatherproof. 

211 Transporter T6.1

Black Rear Bumper Protector

The Black Bumper Protector from the Approved Volkswagen Accessory Range aids in protecting  the rear bumper during loading and unloading.. 
An ideal accessory for every Transporter 

211 Transporter T6.1

Mud Flaps

• Long-lasting and durable: The Volkswagen Original mud flaps (Set of 4) effectively protect the under-body and bumpers against excessive dirt.  
• Moreover, the danger from road chippings and spray is reduced enormously.

Transporter T6.1

Infotainment Media Cable

• Volkswagen Genuine Connector USB Type C to USB Type C or Apple Lightning, or Micro USB or USB-A etc 
• Ensuring excellent Quality when transferring data Length 70cm or 30cm

211 Transporter T6.1

Chrome Look Protective Strip for Tailgate

• A dazzling finish – the Volkswagen Genuine chrome-look strip 
• On the rear hatch gives the vehicle 
a refined and elegant look

211 Transporter T6.1 

Corvana Alloy Wheels

• The Volkswagen Original 16" Corvara alloy rim particularly highlights the sporty look of your vehicle.  
• With 5 brilliant silver spokes, it's a real eye-catcher.  
• The rim is tested according to the strict specifications of Volkswagen, guaranteeing you a high degree of safety and functionality. 

211 Transporter T6.1

Rhino Roof Rack

• The Rack is tough, with raised sidebars and lots of lashing possibilities for transporting bulky goods easily and safely. Maximum roof-rack load: 105kg.

Transporter T6.1

Rear Door Ladder

• Rear Ladder 
• Rear Door Access Ladder with Bespoke fitting kit. 
•  Premium Rhino Product 
•  Only for vehicles with Barndoors

Transporter T6.1

Roof Bars

• Well equipped underway - thanks to the Volkswagen roof bar systems.  

• RHINO Roof Bars also available with FREE LOAD STOPS €340

Transporter T6.1

Professional Ply Lining Kit

Only the highest quality hardwood ply is used to produce our kits, and adhere to strict quality control guidelines.

Our wood products are produced from sustainable wood and we recycle all waste where possible

Transporter T6.1

Protective film for the door sill black, for front doors

The sill rail film retains the value of your vehicle as it protects it against scratches and dirt when getting in and out. 

1 set = 2 pieces.

Transporter T6.1

Sill tube Matt Black, long wheelbase vehicles

The side bar in matte black painted steel visually enhances the side line of the T6, and makes the vehicle appear even sportier

Transporter T6.1

Sill tube Polished, long wheelbase vehicles

The side bar in mirror-finish stainless steel visually enhances the side line of the T6, and makes the vehicle appear even sportier. 

Transporter T6.1

Volkswagen and Wurth

Due to the specific requirements of individual trades and sectors and customers, the ideal vehicle equipment doesn’t come “off the peg”. 
Our task is to optimise the space in the vehicle to suit your work procedures. To this end, your sales specialist will advise you in detail and will look for the best possible solution to suit your individual needs

Transporter T6.1

Rear Spoiler

- Sporty-dynamic design 

- Subtly enhances the rear of the vehicle 

- Homologated with the vehicle 

- Wind-tunnel tested 

- Manufactured using premium RIM in OEM quality

Transporter T6.1

Life Shine

• With Autoglym LifeShine you can drive away from the showroom confident in the knowledge that your new car has been prepared using the finest products in the world.  
• And with a complementary LifeShine Care Kit, ongoing conditioning is assured.  
• Benefits of the Autoglym LifeShine system will continue for as long as you own your car, enhancing pride, pleasure and future value. 
• The value of your car in years to come can depend greatly on cosmetic condition 
• The Autoglym LifeShine system is unique in taking long-term care of the cosmetic condition of your new car.  
• The way your car is cared for, from day one, will have significant influence on maintaining its long term, top condition and maximum re-sale value. 

Chevron Rear Door

Have peace of mind that your vehicles will be equipped to the highest standards with our vehicle Chevron Markings.

We use only the highest quality fluorescent yellow and engineering grade retro reflective red materials.

Markings can be customised to suit your vehicle

Sign Writing Solution

·         Super high quality digital print

·         Pre-cut templates - easy to install.

·         Any design, photo or logo required.

·         High speed manufacture and delivery

Lighting Solutions

• Emergency Lighting Lightbars  
• 300mm LED beacon single bolt          €376 
• 300mm LED beacon magnetic            €376 
• 600mm  LED Light Bar                         €667 
• 900MM LED Light Bar                          €714 
• 1200mm LED Light Bar                        €866 

• LED Repeaters   
• R65 LED Warning Light (Amber)          €296 
• R65 LED Warning Light (Red)               €296 
• R65 LED Warning Light (White)           €306 
• R65 LED Warning Light (Red/Amber)  €309 

• Interior Lighting Interior LED Lights  
• 60cm Long LED                                       €178 
• 100cm Long LED                                     €211 

• Work Lamps   
• 12 Volt Work Lamp (1750 Lumens)       €236 
• 12 Volt Work Lamp (2150 Lumens)       €249

Flettner™ Vent Solutions

Positive ventilation, as provided by the Flettner ventilator, will remove excess heat from your van in warmer weather as well as removing moisture, odours, ammonia and air borne spores that have built up and with no running costs!

Extracts hazardous fumes, gases, strong odours, airborne spores, toxins. Significantly reduces heat build-up. Minimises condensation and excess humidity. Improves driver productivity, reduces spoilage of goods

Flettner Roof Vent Slimline  €274 
Slimline Adaptor (Black)        €14 
Roof Vent                                €243

Slam Locks

Slam Locks 1 Slider Twin Rear (Transporter)     €618 
Slam Locks 2 Slider Twin Rear (Transporter)     €780 
Slam Locks 2 Slider Tail Gate (Transporter)       €725 
Slam Locks 2 Slider Tail Gate (Transporter)       €887 

Slam Locks – automatically locks the vehicle door immediately it is shut without any operation by the driver

Refrigeration Solutions

The Coldchain ™ fridge and freezer van conversion process. 

Every chill / freezer van we convert is designed to your requirements. With over thirty refrigeration options and cooling capacity units to choose from you can be assured we have the best fit for your vehicle. 

The "IceCube"insulation panel system supplied by Coldchain ™  is a unique process incorporating Styrofoam insulation. This process gives you a higher insulation value, less weight and increased cargo space. 

Other insulation materials used in panel vans will absorb moisture over time which reduces the ability to retain temperature. The closed cell nature of Styrofoam used in IceCube means that your equipment performs consistently over the entire life of your vehicle.

Seat Covering Solutions

By Auto-Kit International™

Second Skin Seat Covers™

Hand trimming using leathers, PVCs and soft fabrics – typical applications include centre armrests, seat back panels, steering wheels, seat covers and gear gaiters. 
Machine wrapping - using specialist wrapping equipment, alignment and press tools. Typical applications include armrests and door panel inserts. 
Sewing using industry standard machines and CNC - typical applications include single and double stitch for joining materials and decorative stitching for aesthetic appeal.

Timber Shelving and Flooring Solutions

Using CNC technology, our partner Towing 
Equipment Limited ™ manufacture 
their own precision lining kits 
to exacting standards. Shelving 
systems can be designed & cut to 
each customers’ requirements. 
Whether you are an owner driver, 
a fleet operator. 
Speed & Quality is also assured with production 
on site. The fit & finish, along with the service 
provided, will be sure to meet all customers’ 
requirements. We can modify from standard 
fitting if required.

Rhino ™ Access Step Solution


We offer a range of heavy duty van rear steps both towing and non-towing, and rear protection bars. 

Rear Step – either mounted on to towbar or as a stand-alone step – can also come with reversing sensors. 

Towing Step – towbar and step incorporated as one unit. 

Protection Bar – a straight bar to protect the rear of the vehicle from fork trucks, load bay and parking damage.

Reversing Camera Solution

Reversing Cameras – designed to fit on the rear roof of vans or above 

With optional colour screen in the cab. 

Aids reversing and allows you to keep an eye on the rear doors

Armorgard ™ Solutions

The Oxbox™ is a medium duty range of tool vaults designed for use where budget is a consideration. 

Despite the competitive price tag, there has been no compromising on quality; Oxbox™ shares many of the premium features found on its higher priced companion ranges, including locks, hinges, gas struts and paint finish, while its unique ‘folded’ construction delivers outstanding strength. 

Manufactured from 1.5 and 2.0mm steel, the Oxbox™ is available in popular sizes and offers dependable, cost-effective security for your tools and equipment

Tuffbank 980x540x475 ExDim     €651 
Tuffbank 1275x515x450 Ex Dim  €848 
Oxbox 810x478x380 Ex Dim         €484 
Oxbox 915x490x450 Ex Dim         €563

Armorgard ™ Solutions

Transbank Chemical 880x485x540 Ex Dim  €861

The high security lockable vault for the safe storage of chemicals. purpose-built for the safe storage of chemical substances, the Armorgard ChemBank™ conforms to all relevant hse requirements. The tough welded construction delivers maximum protection from thieves and the elements, while its distinctive bright yellow colour and signage make it easy to distinguish between fuel and chemical stores – a particular benefit for sites with multi-national workforces.

Ramp Solutions

Light Aluminium Van Loading Ramps – available in fixed or manual, folding or non-folding. Light alloy construction, easy to install with a simple mounting kit. Available in capacities up to 400 Kg. Widths from 400mm – 1050mm. 

Heavy Duty Van Loading Ramps – patented double opening system allows operator to swiftly load and unload with ease. Slim design only takes up 130 mm in the rear of the vehicle when not in use

Spring assisted system takes very little effort to open and close the ramp. Ramp can swivel 180 degrees in/out of vehicle if ramp is not required for loading. Available in capacities up to 1800 Kg with a maximum width of 1400 mm